Guns Don’t Kill People, Dumbasses Who Leave Loaded Weapons Where Kids Can Access Them Kill People

How many times are we going to read a version of this story?

Authorities say a teenager accidentally shot and killed his 15-year-old cousin when he pulled the trigger on a gun he didn’t think was loaded.

Ascension Parish Chief Deputy Sheriff Tony Bacala says 15-year-old Esquire Williby died Sunday after he was shot while spending time with his cousin and another friend.

The 16-year-old cousin, who was not identified, apparently took a gun that belonged to his grandmother and aimed it at Williby. He pulled the trigger, thinking it wasn’t loaded. The teen then ran to get help from a neighbor.

No one else was home at the time.

Way to go grandma.

In the last couple of months, that’s at least the third local version of this I know about. One of them involved a sixth grader at my school – I’ll be teaching him next year – shooting and killing his five year old nephew. Lock the guns up folks. At least don’t leave them loaded. It’s not that hard.

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