Meanwhile, Back In The Confederacy

Equality for all is now official White House Policy, but there’s still plenty of a**holes out there:

A Louisiana appellate court has ruled the city of New Orleans had the right to offer health benefits to the unmarried domestic partners of city employees.

A three-judge panel from the 4th Circuit Court of Appeal rejected a Christian civil rights group’s argument that the city violated the state constitution and ran afoul of public policies that favor marriage over unmarried cohabitation.

Alliance Defense Fund also argued that the city’s extension of health benefits to same-sex couples violates terms of the state’s constitutional ban on gay marriage, but the 4th Circuit didn’t rule on that argument Thursday.

Interesting. The City of New Orleans offers health benefits to same sex couples. I assume that means the mayor and council worked together, following the usual process for city business. Obviously, letting sick people have access to good health care is a serious threat to our country. If we let those gays have health care, we’re delaying their inevitable deaths and descent to god’s judgment in hell. We can’t interfere with the almighty’s plans. He would punish the whole country for that. So, the Alliance Defense Fund then goes to court to get the benefits struck down. Hmmm, if the court had struck it down, wouldn’t it have been a bit like what the ADF and similar idiots usually attack as “activist judges?

Of course it would have. That’s because – if you haven’t figured it out yet – the term “activist judge” means nothing more than “a judge who reached a decision with which I disagree.” So, when a judge rules that the Constitution of a particular state requires equal rights for gays, the ADF cries “activist!” When a state law grants gays equal rights, though, the ADF will be the first to go looking for some of that same activism. In other words, these legal battles have nothing, nothing, to do with concern for purity of the law. The ADF is only concerned with keeping gays second class citizens, and they’ll do or say whatever they must to accomplish that goal.

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