Good Clothes/Language Question

Barbara Wallraff’s most recent word fugitive:

Carolyn Haggis, of Oxford, England, writes, “I’m looking for a word for the items of clothing which sit perched on a chair in my bedroom, waiting to be reworn. They are not yet ready for the laundry bin (since I plan to rewear them), but they are no longer suitable for the wardrobe (which I reserve for clean clothes). I assume others keep their lightly worn clothes in a similar purgatory?”

I certainly have that issue. Not just with regular clothes, but also – during colder months – with bike clothes. Even when I ride hard, I won’t sweat much when the temps are below fifty. That means my shorts and jersey will still be clean post-ride, even if not fresh enough to put back in their respective drawers. So, not wanting to prematurely wear out my clothes by overwashing, either, I hang them on the hamper. Or leave them on the bathroom floor. Or on the bed. Or wherever.

I’ve never had a word to describe clothes in that state. It would be nice to have one, though. That would be much easier than trying to explain the situation every time I am asked why, if they are not “dirty,” (i.e. ready to be washed) I have not put them away. Some of the suggestions in the comments over there are good, but none seems perfect. I’ll keep checking.

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One Comment on “Good Clothes/Language Question”

  1. Mom Says:

    how about “reruns”?

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