Unintended Consequences Of Banning Cock Fighting

Like some of the commentators at the Times said, this is now how people in Haughton entertain themselves:

Jennifer Ann Madden, 35, of the 3400 block of Eliga, was taken into custody Tuesday after investigators determined she had recruited other people, most of whom were under age 17, to meet in the 100 block of Fullwood for the purpose of fighting.

Madden has been arrested for inciting a riot, riot, aggravated property damage, contributing to the delinquency of a juvenile and two counts of simple battery, a release from the Bossier sheriff’s office says.

The confrontation involved Airline High School students and Haughton High School students and it resulted in two vehicles being damaged, one child left beaten in a ditch and several other children injured, deputies said.

Madden gave directions to the fight, slapped two minor children and jumped up and down on the hood of a vehicle at the scene, the release said. Pool cues fashioned as weapons and bricks were recovered from Madden’s vehicle.

Really, what more can you say? No words could say “loser” more powerfully than does the image of a 34 year old woman jumping on the roof of a car urging a bunch of high schoolers to fight with each other.

And what should her penalty be? Being herself sounds like pain enough.

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