Religion Destroys Society

There’s plenty of reasons to believe in a god of some type. A really stupid one is the claim often made by religious blowhards that religion is somehow necessary to keep society together. I guess because I’ve spent most of my adult life in states where everyone goes to church but that also always appear at the bottom of every list you want to be on top of, I’ve always thought those claims were bulls**t.

Ed Brayton has a post up comparing some of these lists with the results of a poll indicating what states are the most religious. Not surprisingly, the Confederacy dominates the top ten of the most religious list. They also dominate the most divorces list, the most teen pregnancies list, and the most out of wedlock births list. The more religious a state is, the lower it’s average life expectancy; guess folks are in a hurry to meet their maker. The states in the top ten most religious list also dominate the top tens for syphilis, gonorrhea, and chlamydia. Now that’s something to clap about. As for violent crime, the states with the highest rate of violent crime are South Carolina, Florida, Maryland, Tennessee, New Mexico and Louisianan. Florida, Maryland and New Mexico are in the middle of the religious pack. South Carolina, Tennessee and Louisiana are all top six.

On the other hand, the least religious states have the fewest divorces, teen pregnancies and out of wedlock births. My favorite part? Massachusetts – first state to offer gay marriage, you know, what the blowhards always tell us will destroy traditional marriage and America – ranks 46th on the religion list and has the nation’s lowest divorce rate.

You can make of  all that what you will.

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3 Comments on “Religion Destroys Society”

  1. ttownfeen Says:

    Data not a decade old could have helped.

  2. wheeler Says:

    i don’t know. it isn’t a scientific analysis. more an attempt to contradict what is in some circles a truism with some, any, real data. the conclusion may even be the same. it just needs challenging.

  3. KC Says:

    there are probably other demographic issues in play other than “religiousity”….as this is essentially New England vs the South….

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