Attn: Bikers, Hikers, Runners And Dog Walkers

Go try the new trails at Veteran’s Park.

If you don’t know where it is, you park in a lot on Stoner Avenue on the west side of Clyde Fant (same side of Stoner as the VA hospital). A paved multi-purpose trail leaves the lot and heads right to Veteran’s Park. All you have to do is get on the paved trail and follow it until you see an obvious trail head on the left. It’s maybe half a mile from the parking lot. If you see the pond on your left, you went too far.

You can also access it from the paved river trail. If you park at the boat launch, take the trail towards downtown to the first and only left. (If you’re coming from downtown it will be the first and only right). Follow it under the parkway, through the disc golf course, and under the parkway again. Keep following it up a small hill, veer right – still on the path – and look for the trail head on the left.

Once on that trail, you can stay on it and go all the way around the pond. It gives you some nice views and there’s a fun little downhill at the end.

The other option is to hit the crazy stuff. To do that, you’ll start in the same place, but a few hundred feet along the trail you’ll see an obvious left heading straight uphill. Take that and then just follow your instincts. All through that are we’ve built a network up trails going up and down the hills. There’s some along the top with nice views of the river, there’s one with switchbacks to make it semi-doable to ride to the top, and there’s three or four steep and fast downhill runs. Don’t worry about finding “the trail;” just go explore and enjoy.

The more the merrier, too. We need tires and feet to compact the trails we’ve cut. And those are just a start; the MTB crowd has big plans for the area. More users mean more workers, and maybe help from the city, to carry out those plans. Really, this has the potential to be a regional destination. So come out and help make it popular.

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