Now This Would Get My Students Interested In Civics

Oh please, oh please – oh God I don’t ask for much – please, please, please let this happen:

U.S. Sen. David Vitter of Louisiana, who was linked to a prostitute in 2007, could soon be having to deal with a re-election challenge from a porn star.

Fans of porn star Stormy Daniels, a Baton Rouge native, are drafting her to run for Vitter’s seat in the 2010 election. It’s no racy gimmick, they say.

That would be too awesome.

Here’s the Draft Stormy website, which is, sadly, perfectly safe for work. My Bossier has videos of interviews.

Whatever happens, the author of the Draft Stormy site has a great career in public relations. After spending an entire paragraph highlighting such amazing high school achievements as being editor of the school paper, they offer this hilarious version of Stormy’s background:

In 2000, Stormy Daniels transferred her determination and talents to the professional level, becoming a featured performer in the adult entertainment industry. In little more than two years time, Stormy broke yet another barrier by signing an exclusive contract with the video production company Wicked Pictures, a company committed to a health and safety first policy, as pertaining to its video performances. Stormy’s decision to sign with Wicked highlighted her commitment to sending a positive message to young people of the importance of practicing safe sex.

Right, and Vitter was doing the same thing: “Kids, hiring a crack whore off the street is dangerous. The only safe way to whore it up is to use a reputable big city escort service.” Jeez, spare us the crap and be proud of the career you chose for yourself.

Anyway, I’m sure the major debate will be about which one’s sexual sins are more egregious. But, considering the spin given Stormy’s career and the fact that Vitter is trying to win support by sponsoring a law to ban flag burning, I think the real question is whose campaign is a bigger insult to our intelligence.

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