Lance’s Stolen Bike Found

It was swiped after his top ten finish in Saturday’s Tour of California time trial. Now here it is:

up for auction is a used bike.  i dont know much about this bike. i am posting it for my cousin.  i think its a TRAK (or TREK?) and is painted yellow and black.  it has some really fast looking wheels on it- i think they are Bontrugger (?)

he got it from a friend who works in pawn shop who owed him sum money.  he says its a real good bike.

i dont know- it looks mighty uncomfortable to me.  i think the bike has gears, but cant figur it out (they must be broken)-  and i dont want to even think ’bout sitt’in on that seat.

i’m starting opening bit at $100.  i know that sounds like a lot for a used bike-  but my cousin told me its worth it.

if anyone knows more about it…  let me know.  otherwise, highest bidder gets it.



ps- i cant ship this bike.  winning bidder must put the $100 in an envelope and leave it in the deserted Albertson’s parking lot under a rock.  the bike will be ’round back.

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