New Loop At Veteran’s Park

I spent the last two days finishing some stuff we started on that work day last month and adding a few little things so that now you can do one complete loop featuring: 1) two wicked downhills; 2) two long but doable switchbacked climbs; 3) several very nice views out over the river, and; 4) the whole loop around the pond.

You’ll never ride (or walk or run) the same section of trail twice. I think it flows pretty intuitively; you won’t have to stop and guess what way to go. Just to be sure, though, I marked the new loop with Mardi Gras beads.

I don’t know how long it is, maybe a mile and a half. It’s a super nice addition to the stoner trails, which are much longer but lack the variations in elevation Veteran’s has. Next time you’re at stoner, take the paved bike path from the boat launch area towards downtown, when it goes left, follow it under northbound Clyde Fant, through the frisbee golf course and under southbound Clyde Fant. Then follow it up a little hill, veer right at the top and look for an obvious trailhead on the left just before the pond. After that, follow the beads and enjoy.

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