Plus He’s The Most Annoying D.J. In Shreveport

Hopefully this means I’ll be listening to someone else on 99x during the drive home in the afternoons:

A local radio disc jockey faces charges as a result of a two-week investigation into alleged improper Internet activities with minors.

Heath Hill, better known as DJ Skinny and host of KTUX 99X The Rock Station’s afternoon show, was arrested Tuesday on two counts each of computer-aided solicitation of a minor for sexual purposes and pornography involving juveniles and one count each of felony carnal knowledge of a juvenile and indecent behavior with a juvenile.

The 31-year-old, of the 5900 block of Manitoba in Shreveport, was arrested in the parking lot of a business at Youree Drive at Southfield Road, where he believed he would be meeting two 15-year-old girls. Instead, the Northwest Louisiana Internet Crimes Against Children Force and Caddo sheriff’s detectives were waiting for him.

Sadly, his page is still on the 99x website, which features this piece of biographical information:

People would be shocked if they knew…

My first job was being the mouse at Chuck E. Cheese.

In light of today’s news? Not so much.

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