Southeastern Hates Christians (Who Want Special Rights)

This is what happens when you elect a Muslim president. The Christian Faith is under attack by homosexual terrorist abortionist liberal elitist intellectuals:

A federal judge is set to hear a lawsuit that accuses Southeastern Louisiana University officials of stifling a traveling evangelist’s constitutional right to speak on campus.

Lawyers for the Alliance Defend Fund, a Christian civil rights group, claim a university police officer threatened to arrest Lafayette resident Jeremy Sonnier and three friends if they didn’t stop voicing their religious views on school property.But the state-funded school says it has a right to set limits on the time, place and manner of free speech on its Hammond campus.

Well, duh. Of course they can set reasonable time, place and manner limits. But how do we know if the limit was reasonable unless we know what happened. Was Sonnier calmly discussing his faith with willing participants? Or did he enter the library with a bullhorn? Something in between:

Defendants named in the suit are: John Crain, SLU’s president; Jim McHodgkins, the school’s assistant vice president for student affairs; and Thomas Carmichael, a university police officer.

On Nov. 19, 2007, Sonnier was holding a sign and trying to speak with students near a campus plaza when the officer told him he would need McHodgkins’ permission to speak there. Sonnier and the officer got into a dispute over whether he was disruptive.

According to the lawsuit, the officer said: “You are, because there are people here who are not agreeing with you.”

The university requires visitors to get permission to speak on campus a week in advance, and limits them to two hours a week. The school also restricts their displays to three campus sites.

An attorney for the school, Linda Law Clark, said the school has not rejected any of the more than 100 religious groups that has asked to speak on campus since 2004. Sonnier didn’t formally apply.

That all sounds bad for the university until you get to the part about Sonnier being too lazy to bother going through the same process every other campus guest has gone through. I’ll bet the court finds them reasonable, too. Given all the paranoia about violence at schools, they’ll find that the school has a strong interest in monitoring who enters campus. So as long as the school has applied the permitting process equally to all guests, there won’t be any special rights for Mr. Sonnier.

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