My Parent Letter About Test Prep

With the BIG TESTS a few weeks away, all the annual silliness has begun. First up, we’ve been ordered to write a one page letter to parents telling them what they can do to help prepare their child for the tests. What follows is my letter.

Dear Parent,

By now, the students have all determined for themselves who will pass and who will fail the upcoming iLEAP tests. For an athlete, the will to win does not matter without the antecedent will to practice. In the same way, the desire to succeed on the iLEAP does not matter absent months of hard work prior to the tests. Accordingly, those students who took my advice in August and spent the last eight months listening in class, doing their assignments and studying for tests will pass without any problem. Those who did not,will not.

All that said, over the next two weeks we will be reviewing key concepts. The students will make flash cards involving key terms, events, people, places and ideas from United States history. If you want to help them prepare, when they arrive home from school ask for those cards and then quiz them on the information.

To those who have worked hard all year, congratulations on what I know will be an excellent score. To the rest, work harder next year.

Thank You,

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One Comment on “My Parent Letter About Test Prep”

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