Good Idea, Bad Law

I like this:

Little’s HB29 says that if a hospital, nursing home, “religious building property” or school posts signs declaring them quiet zones, people making excessive noise could be fined $400 and lose their driving privileges for 30 days. Subsequent offenses would bring a fine of at least $500 but not more than $600 and loss of driver’s licenses for 60 days.

Excessive noise is defined in the bill as “any sound or noise emanating from a sound amplification system, which is audible at a distance of greater than 25 feet and which exceeds 85 decibels.”

First, I don’t know why we need a state law about this kind of thing. I imagine every town has something similar. The problem, I would bet, is enforcement.

Also, I wish it was more inclusive. Why limit it to places like schools and churches? The ones I’ve been in are usually noisy enough that you have no idea what’s happening outside anyway. Nine times out of ten, when I hear one of these wanna be thugs, I’m in my house. That’s also where it aggravates me the most. So why can’t I put one of those signs in my yard?

And why limit it to noise “emanating from a sound amplification system?” On more than one occasion, the white trash p.o.s. down the street’s motorcycle has scared my kids as he roars by at decibels close to jet engine level. Same deal for the rednecks with their loud pick ups.These morons are just as annoying as the loud music players.

While we’re at it, stick it to the leaf blowers, too. Though these at least have a legitimate purpose, unlike the thugs and rednecks, whose purpose is nothing other than compensating for small penises. Still, at least limit the hours of use. There is no legitimate reason to use a leaf blower before 10:00 AM or after 5:00 PM on a weekend. Those who do ought to be summarily executed.

Anyhoo, with those changes, I could really support this bill.

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