Co-Mingling St. Paddy’s Day?

On the one hand, you can celebrate the holiday by simply turning all the normal every day stuff green. In other words, you still drink Budweiser, but it’s green. On the other hand, you could celebrate using real Irish stuff. Drink Guinness.

I wanted to do the latter, and for the most part we did at our St. Patrick’s day observed dinner last night. Almost all food came from “The Best of Irish Cooking.” For an appetizer, we had roasted mushrooms and shallots with goat’s cheese. Roasted leeks, shallots and mushrooms accompanied dinner, which was a stir fry of bacon, potatoes, mushrooms, tomatoes, onions and all kinds of other stuff. We even had soda bread. No green beer, either. It was Smithwick’s, McSorely’s and Guinness with Irish coffee for dessert. I even played Irish tunes all night, mostly the Dubliners.

Yet, all was not perfect. Two of our company insisted on drinking Daiquiris. And despite my best efforts to convince the cook to make something else, dessert was a cake with key lime custard icing. The drinks, of course, have absolutely nothing to do with St. Patrick’s day and drinking them last night was, I think, a sacrilege. The cake was at least green.

Still, it bugged me. If you want to go the cheesy green beer and U2 type celebration, that’s fine. If you want to go authentica, that’s cool, too. I don’t think one is better than the other. What bugs me is mixing the two. It’s like wearing tennis shoes with a nice suit. Each is fine for its own purpose; they don’t go together. (Unless you’re Dr. Who).

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2 Comments on “Co-Mingling St. Paddy’s Day?”

  1. Hot Momma Says:

    I’ll say this again for the benefit of all your readers. You didn’t insist on an “authentica” Irish dessert until after I’d gone to the store. Like I told you yesterday afternoon, if you’d gone to the store and bought the stuff to make the chocolate Irish whiskey cake, I would have made it. BTW, I didn’t hear any complaining about my green cake 🙂

  2. Michelle Says:

    I thought the cake was delish ;)!!

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