Race Problem? What Race Problem?

Just a few miles down I-20, in Homer, two white cops shoot and kill an unarmed seventy three year old black man, who was also suffering from cancer. The truly stunning part? The response of the local police chief:

“If I see three or four young black men walking down the street, I have to stop them and check their names,” said [Homer Police Chief Russell ]Mills, who is white. “I want them to be afraid every time they see the police that they might get arrested.

To be unduly fair, he says he’s automatically suspicious of young black men. So he might not be a flaming racist, he might have no problem with the black part, it might just be the young thing that gets him mad. Of course, if it was simply the presence of youths on the street, there’d be no need to qualify it by adding “black.” He’d also have the same approach to young people in white neighborhoods, which I seriously doubt is the case. Hence, I think it’s safe to say this guy is a racist p.o.s. And he carries a gun. And he has the power to arrest people.

The truly sad part? In my debate class we’ve been watching the Great Debaters. It’s set in the 1930’s and there is one scene involving a lynching. My students always want to know why the black people who saw the lynching did not go tell the police. I have to explain that back in those days, the cops were probably part of the mob, or at least more sympathetic to the mob than to the victim. Next time I explain it, I’ll have to omit the “back in those days” part.

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3 Comments on “Race Problem? What Race Problem?”

  1. KC Says:

    guy should be removed from office yesterday…..he wants folks to be afraid every time they see police, but probably can’t understand why he gets no cooperation from segments of the community

    Bubba needs a new line of work…

  2. wheeler Says:

    that’s right. this kind of attitude hinders law enforcement.

  3. Agrizidge Says:

    Good Day.
    It looks like we have similar ideas on this subject.

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