My Big Weekend Project

When we bought our house, it had a do it yourself flagstone patio in the back. Problem was the stones were anything but level, making it nearly impossible to set a chair or table in them. You also had to step down three stairs from the house to the patio, which made it feel like you were sitting in a hole as you looked over the back yard. Finally, the layout was bad, angling from the house to the driveway and thereby making the yard feel like a huge driveway.

So, last summer I tore them all out and paid a guy to put in a deck. My intention ever since has been to put the stones around the outside of the deck, sort of mirroring its shape and making a nice transition to the yard, as well as providing a nice area to grill. This weekend I finally got started.

I didn’t do much, just framing the patio area with landscape timbers. But still, it feels like a huge step. I guess it’s finally, after months of thinking, turning my ideas into reality that makes it seem like an accomplishment. It might also be my lack of carpentry skills that make this feel like such a big deal. You know, in the same way it’s a big deal when my two and a half year old daughter says her ABC’s or counts to fifteen. That’s only significant because she’s two and a half, just like – in a sense – me finishing my patio is a bigger accomplishment than anything the guys on This Old House might do.

And speaking of my children, here they are supervising:


And here’s two shots of the project:



Next weekend I’ll fill in the patio area with landscape fabric, rocks, and river sand. The weekend after that I’ll lay the stones. Every weekend after that I’ll simply enjoy my new patio.

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2 Comments on “My Big Weekend Project”

  1. Mom Says:

    I’m sure your completed job will be beautiful considering all the excellent supervision you had! Seriously, it looks really nice and I’m so jealous of the flowers already in bloom!

  2. Stephie Says:

    I feel a deck party coming on!

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