Praise Jesus, The Tests Are Over

Final tallies:

Two weeks gone.

Five tests administered.

Two cheaters busted.

Five near fights and one brawl involving ten or fifteen students.

Four movies watched.

Untold games of dominoes played.

Maybe three hours of real teaching.

One aggravated teacher who is seriously ready for spring break.

The big unknown, of course, is how many of them passed their tests in my class. My students did fine – by my school’s standards – last year. This year I covered more of the subject and spent more time reviewing, plus I have a year of experience that I did not have last year. They also all reported that I had taught them everything on the test, even if they did not exactly remember it. Hence, I expect scores to rise over last year. But, you never know, and they did abysmally bad on their last practice tests. I’ll just have to wait.

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