Glad to be a mom

Yesterday was a perfectly unordinary Friday – perhaps a little dull considering our “date” was a trip to the grocery store instead of out to see a play as was originally planned. Regardless, it was a wonderful day simply because of the ordinariness and serenity that I recognized as my life. And, it didn’t hurt matters that my two-year-old twins behaved absolutely perfectly almost all day.

The babies and I started the day with a bike ride to our friend’s house for our regular weekly playdate where we had an Easter egg hunt planned. All the kids played well together and enjoyed their time hunting eggs. It was a beautiful, sunny day to be outside. Here Mac and Omi are headed out of our driveway. (As you see, it’s always safety first with them – their “people” are securely strapped in.)


Here are all the kiddos from the playdate after a very successful hunt:


After the playdate and lunch, the babies settled down for their nap, which was blessedly uneventful since Mac has started napping in the “big bed” in the guest room. This eliminates the opportunity for jumping wars between the two of them as they try to crash each of their “people” into the other one’s head. So they both went straight to sleep, which meant I could immediately get comfortable in my recliner and read my book for almost 2 hours of peace and quiet.

Once Wheeler and I realized that we wouldn’t be going to see the play we had planned to attend (It was cancelled because the big storms the night before had knocked out power to the perferming arts center.), we had to decide if we wanted to keep our sitter as planned and go out to eat, or cancel the sitter and eat at home. Since eating at home meant that we would have to go to the grocery store, and that I would have to cook and clean the kitchen, I voted for eating out. However, I was overrulled and we decided to make a family trip to the grocery store. These are usually fun because when we separate the babies into different buggies, you can usually hear the one calling for the other throughout the whole store. Last night was no different, except Omi added a very loud, stirring rendition of the “ABC song” into the mix. What was remarkable about this trip was that there was no whining, no begging for smoothies or cheese sticks, and no fighting. That amazing positive behavior continued for the rest of the night.The entire time I unloaded groceries and cooked dinner, Mac and Omi sat at their little table and happily colored and played togehter. Usually, this is the time when I plant them in front of the TV for Clifford or SuperWhy so I can cook without running over one of them, but last night, they were so content that the TV was never even mentioned. I had to stop several times and just watch them because I couldn’t believe how well they were getting along. If you’ve ever spent any time with either of my two children, you know that they’ve both inherited their mother and father’s strong will. And that strong will typically pulls them in opposite directions and causes a fight at least once every 10-15 minutes. So it was no small feat that they played so well together for such a long period of time.

Not only did they play well together, you could tell they were enjoying each other. I even videoed them sitting at the table, coloring together and holding hands.

Their contentment and happiness continued through a dinner of mac and cheese and hot dogs and even after dinner, when they usually get cranky and start fighting. They were so happy that Wheeler nor I were in any hurry to put them to bed. We simply watched them and marveled at our children. At 8:30, when everyone had long finished dinner and we were still sitting at our kitchen table watching our two babies running around playing with each other, I realized that this is a pretty good life.

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One Comment on “Glad to be a mom”

  1. Mary Ann Says:

    A wonderful post. Made me tear up. And wish that transporters were not still just a Star Trek concept.
    We put a man on the moon – can’t we figure out how to transport people over long distances in seconds?

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