I Hope I Don’t Get Arrested For This Post


The American Civil Liberties Union has alleged that Mamou authorities illegally arrested a local man last year after he contacted the Ville Platte newspaper about the Mamou police chief.

In a lawsuit filed Wednesday in federal court, Bobby Felix Simmons said he e-mailed the Ville Platte Gazette in May after learning that Mamou Police Chief Greg Dupuis had allegedly received a DWI and abused his authority. The e-mail included those allegations, as well as questions about why the paper had not written a story about the matter.Later that month, Simmons said he was arrested at his home in Franklin. Officers said he was being arrested for “criminal defamation” and that they were acting on a warrant from the Mamou Police Department. Once in the Franklin jail, Simmons alleges that he was not able to bond out because it was against Dupuis’ wishes.

Here’s the best part:

Following Simmons’ arrest, Dupuis was quoted in the Gazette as offering a $500 reward for anyone found to be “spreading rumors” about him, according to the suit.

Nice. Complain to the newspaper about the police abusing their authority and get arrested for criticising the police.

The news story doesn’t mention it, but the guy who was arrested was also a cop. So I doubt this is a case of a professional complainer; his allegations to the paper probably had some basis in fact. Especially – given the results of his complaint about it – the one concerning the chief’s prior abuse of authority. But even if this guy was just a nut case, if these facts are true, this is an outrageous first amendment violation. Mr. Dupuis ought to be fired, post haste.

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One Comment on “I Hope I Don’t Get Arrested For This Post”

  1. KC Says:

    Dupuis declined to discuss the circumstances of Simmons’ arrest but said he “didn’t violate anybody’s civil rights.”

    “I do my job, and I do what I think is right,” he said. “Nothing was done intentionally to hurt anybody

    why do I get the feeling that the law is what he thinks is “right”

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