It Wasn’t Boiled Mule, But Still

In class we spent the last day or so discussing the daily lives of Civil War soldiers. That includes the sort of foods they ate, which, as the War went on, included things like horse meat, worm infested hardtack, and boiled mule. After all the “ewws” and “grosses” and assorted expressions of disgust, I make the same lame joke to all the classes about the soldiers at least having better food than the slop the school cafeteria serves.

Then tonight we had gumbo. Good stuff, too; shrimp, sausage, crab, chicken, veggies and lots of spice. Only it was leftovers. From January 2008. Not the most recent January. The one twelve months prior.

Of course I could only compare this to Civil War food as a joke. Obviously I had it much better than the guys eating shoe leather. The gumbo had been in the freezer and – apart from the now chewy shrimp – tasted great. Still, I’m fairly positive that fifteen month old leftovers is a record for me. I feel like this ought to mean something, and it’s probably related to kids and jobs and bills, but I don’t know what.

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One Comment on “It Wasn’t Boiled Mule, But Still”

  1. Hot Momma Says:

    Or, it could just mean that you have a tired wife who didn’t want to stand in front of a stove after working all day and giving your two kids a bath. A wife who was pleasantly surprised to find that bag of gumbo beneath some other stuff way back in the freezer…and who at least made fresh rice to go with it 🙂

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