S’port Says No To Red Light Cameras

Even if the state legislature decides to allow them, we won’t have them here. I like the reasoning:

Before the vote, [City council chairmen Ron] Webb read from a prepared statement in which he compared the placement of the cameras to an Orwellian “slippery slope.””What keeps government from upgrading them (cameras) to read our lips,” he said. “This is a Pandora’s Box, and we should open it least we lose the freedoms we still have.”

Hear, hear! The cameras don’t make roads safer; they increase accidents by causing people to slam on their brakes at the first sight of a yellow light. And the income they generate is a huge incentive for the companies who run them and the cities who have them to do even  more dangerous things like shorten yellow light times. At bottom, though, Webb’s concerns are my biggest objection.

Not surprisingly – given his belief that the City can regulate how people wear their pants – Calvin Lester was unbothered by the overreaching and supported the cameras. Maybe he mistakenly thought the income could help him pay the $47,000.00 a court just decided he owes for trying to destroy a local business.

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