To Make A Smart Ass Comment Or Not?

The cause of the dilemma, a headline in the Shreveport Times: “Students shown it’s never to early to learn about money.

What I want to say is “It’s never too early to learn about homophones.”

But that seems unfair. It’s a common mistake. I’m sure I’ve made it on this blog. It isn’t really significant, either. The meaning of the sentence doesn’t change to something really funny. It just reads awkwardly. So pointing it out make me feel more like a nerd justifying his existence than anything else.

On the other hand the mistake is in a headline about education. Irony helps. The comeback was too easy. While the mistake is common, you learn the difference between “to” and “too” in elementary school. No esoteric knowledge required here. They’re a newspaper with editors and this is a headline that’s been up since yesterday. Shouldn’t it be fixed by now?

Anyway, this was too difficult for me to decide.

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2 Comments on “To Make A Smart Ass Comment Or Not?”

  1. Mary Ann Says:

    Oh, Wheeler, you’ve made my day. Himself can no longer call the urge to proofread MY family disease.

  2. Sandy Beatty Says:

    When I taught English, I used our local newspaper to help students get extra credit. All they had to do was find errors in the paper! There were plenty to find!

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