A Surprise Day Off Always Helps, Too

Sunday night, not two hours after finishing the previous post about the therapeutic effects of a bike ride, and no more than five minutes after saying I only had three more Mondays this year, our assistant principal called to say that the same storms which had woke me up Saturday night and cancelled my ride Sunday morning had knocked out power to the school. More importantly, it was going to remain out until sometime Monday, which meant I suddenly had only two more Mondays this year as yesterday became the southern version of a snow day.

Better, actually, because the weather was perfect. After sleeping late I enjoyed a forty mile spin out to Cross lake and back, with tailwinds most of the return trip. I had to watch the kids for a few hours after lunch, but it was during their nap time, which meant I did the same. Then I finished some yard work I’d started over the weekend. When the kids woke up we took them for a walk to the duck park where they played and fed the ducks until it was time to come home for dinner. I wasn’t very excited about that – pork chops, yuck – but it ended up being great. Other than not being able to stay up late watching movies and drinking too much, it was like getting an extra Saturday. More than made up for the crappy weekend before it.

I’ve got to go to work today, but this is like a one day work week. Today is a normal day. Tomorrow, though, is field day. Then on Thursday and Friday I’ll be chaperoning a group of Beta Club students on a trip to Lafayette. I know what you’re thinking because normally it’s the same thing I’d be thinking: “An overnight trip with a bunch of middle schoolers? Are you crazy?” I’m not in charge, so that by itself makes the whole thing much easier. Also, these are the good kids; Beta Club is for students with good grades and good behavior records. And I know you’re not supposed to have favorite students, but several of my favorite ones are going. So it ought to be fun, better than two days in the classroom anyway. So as long as our trip doesn’t get cancelled by swine flu, the antepenultimate week of school ought to be a real breeze.

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