I Thought This Happened At The Buffet Line At Luby’s

27 Sarepta seniors cited for criminal mischief

Turns out they’re not that kind of seniors. These are high school kids who all now face criminal charges for an end of school prank that got a little crazy:

The seniors entered Sarepta High on Monday night and took books out of lockers, threw them around, created piles of books and jumped on couches, breaking the legs. Each was issued a summons to appear in June in Sarepta court to answer a misdemeanor charge of criminal mischief, Police Chief Bill Fields Jr. said Wednesday.


They need some kind of punishment. The criminal charges bother me, though.

I’ve noticed since becoming a teacher that schools – mine included – are much more likely to have the SRO write tickets than when I was a student. In fact, I don’t remember any student ever getting in trouble with the law for a problem at school. Might be that’s because schools would use other options then. Nowadays you can’t suspend the students, there’s no such thing as after school detention, you sure can’t paddle them,  you really aren’t even supposed to make them write lines. That doesn’t leave much besides the nuclear option.

I don’t know about you, but if this was my kid, I’d much prefer some kind of in school penalty and a requirement to pay for the damages. They’d learn from that AND still be free to enjoy the rest of their lives. Criminal charges will only accomplish the former.

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