Taking A Sick Day

I felt bad all day yesterday: runny nose, cough, tired. Not close to death bad, but bad enough I did not want to be at work; a five on a one to ten scale. It also felt like something getting worse, not better. Given all that, I spent most of yesterday evening debating whether or not to stay home today.

One the one hand, I never miss work. When my students ask why I’m never absent I tell them sick days are for weaklings. I’m kidding. Sort of. In addition to pride, I hate missing work because the students won’t learn anything if I’m not there. Plus it throws off our schedules. My room will also get trashed, no matter how explicit are the instructions I leave. Finally, even though this would be my first sick day of the year, I’ll still have to listen to my principal complain about it. We do have attendance problems at my school; some teachers miss more days than they work. I am not part of the problem. Like I said, this would be my first sick day. Still, my principal is not good at dealing with individuals. One student talks – the whole class suffers. A few teachers are slackers – we all get attacked.

On the other hand, I really, really, really, did not want to go to work today. I had to watch the kids tonight, too. So if I did not take the day off work, I would get no rest at all.

In the end I decided to stay home. Mostly because due to various non-educational activities I would only have had one regular class today. Hence, even if I went to work, I would still lose an instructional day. If the students are not going to learn anything anyway, why go?

Sure, I’ll still have to listen to my boss, but I think the benefits of the rest will outweigh ten minutes of ignoring her. I slept two hours later than usual. I’ve drank half a gallon of orange juice. Had a good lunch and a nice nap. To get out in the fresh air and energize myself, I did a few errands (post office, video store) on my bike. This evening I’ll probably walk the kids to the park and let them play while I sit on a bench. Then dinner and an early bed time. All in all the perfect remedy for a cold. I’m sure I made the right call, and when I wake up tomorrow feeling better, I’ll be even more certain.

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