We’re All Almost Healthy Again

Man the last week has sucked. Malcolm was sick, I was sick, Omi puked herself dehydrated and spent two days hooked to an i.v. in the hospital. No fun. But we’re all just about back to full strength (Mac still has an ear infection).

There’s been a lot I’ve wanted to post about, but didn’t because of a lack of time or energy. For instance . . .

How glad I am to have good medical insurance.

Why the heck doctors/nurses can’t either tell you exactly when you can leave the hospital or just admit that have no f’ing idea. Instead it’s “We will know tomorrow morning if she can go home,” and when tomorrow morning comes it’s “We’ll know after lunch,” then it’s “in an hour or so,” finally, at 7:30 PM, you get the word.

A growing interest in bike racing. I need some excitement in my life. I almost did the local road race this year, but waited too long. Based on the guys I know racing cat 4 and 5, I know I could be competitive.

A gripe session about my neighbor the world’s slowest lawn mower. He spends three and half hours blowing, weedeating, mowing and blowing (in that order) his yard. It’s no bigger than mine and I could hand cut each individual blade with scissors and be done in less time than that.

And finally, some bragging about how well my students did on their state tests. I’ll still probably do this one, but I want to wait for a bit more data.

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One Comment on “We’re All Almost Healthy Again”

  1. Mom Says:

    “But we’re all just about back to full strength” Best News today!! You all probably need some healing Ocean Breezes (like in NJ) or some cool mountain air (like in PA) to really get your strength back……Oh, and don’t forget that wonderful cabin porch to relax on in VA!

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