My Students Kicked A** On The iLEAP

There’s five possible grades on the thing, from best to worst: Advanced, Mastery, Basic, Approaching Basic, Unsatisfactory. Basic and above is the goal; below basic is failing. Last year my students did well for my school, with just under half making basic or better. When the students I have this year took the test last year, they had a similar passing percentage, with about half making it. This year? How about a twenty five point improvement over last year. Seven of  ten made basic or above this year. That’s a HUGE improvement over my students last year and over their own performances last year. I am happy.

Obviously I’m happy for the students. The school makes such a big deal about these tests that they can’t help getting excited about doing well.

I especially happy for all the ones who worked hard all year and succeeded. There were some serious slackers who managed to succeed. Some of them with straight F’s in my class, even. Good for them, but the ones I really feel excited for are the dedicated ones who worked hard every day. And the vast majority of those who did work hard succeeded. Of all the flunkies on the iLEAP, only two were good students, the types who did their work, paid attention in class and studied for tests. All the rest of the students who did those things passed.

It also makes me happy because this confirms that my teaching system works. Last year – my first year in the classroom – it took me half the year to really figure out something that worked. This year I was able to implement my plans from day one. That, I think, is the big reason for the difference. Now next year I can tell the new students that if they do  what I tell them, they will succeed on the test.

Of course, the scores also makes me happy because now I have even more license to be a recalcitrant faculty member. Do not doubt for a second that I will tell my superiors that the guy with the best test results is the same guy who has skipped every faculty meeting, failed to turn in ninety per cent of assigned paperwork, and generally avoided all duties not directly related to classroom instruction. In a way I’m a bit like some of the slackers who passed the test. If that’s all that matters, why bother with anything else?

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2 Comments on “My Students Kicked A** On The iLEAP”

  1. Mom Says:

    Great job…You and the kids!

  2. Sandy Beatty Says:

    Good work. I can identify. Taught for 38 years in Texas.

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