Again, Guns Don’t Kill People

Dumbasses who leave loaded weapons where children can access them kill people:

The last day of school turned tragic today for a 10-year-old Red River Elementary School student who was fatally shot in the chest while he and a 9-year-old friend played with a gun.

I taught the 10 year old’s cousin last year. Good girl. I’m sure she and here family are in shock. It’s bad enough losing a child, even worse when it’s the result of something so amazingly stupid.

I really can’t understand how something like this happens. Especially when it’s the second time this year a kid in our school system has been accidentally shot and killed while playing with a gun. Lock the damn things up already.

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2 Comments on “Again, Guns Don’t Kill People”

  1. KC Says:

    “A woman who lives next door told authorities she heard several gunshots while the two boys were outside.”……so several shots were fired before the “accidental” one? strange…

  2. Wheeler Says:

    the whole thing is weird. the nine year old called the mom at work and she then drove all the way to the house, picked up the victim and drove him to the hospital. why not call 911 from work?

    not to mention a nine and ten year old left at home by themselves.

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