My New Used Patio Furniture

I’ve had these three old chairs for years. The design looks cool and they’re unbelievably comfy. We found them while walking the dog. Some lady was putting them on the curb and before I could even ask if she was tossing them she said “yeah, you want ’em?” We walked home, picked up the truck and returned for our treasures.

Only problem was they looked a little rough:


For ages, I’ve meant to refinish them. I haven’t until now mostly because I did not have anywhere they would really fit. Now that the new patio is (mostly) done, though, I have the perfect home for them.

So, first some scraping, sanding and priming:


Then some spray paint, some painter’s tape and some more spray paint:


Pretty sweet, huh? Here’s all three in one shot:


When I’m done, in addition to the yellow one, one will be blue and the other red. It’s amazing what some elbow grease and spray paint can do.

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One Comment on “My New Used Patio Furniture”

  1. […] Those chairs in the background are another example. You can view their evolution, here. […]

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