But Destroying Someone Else’s Property Is Fine

Calvin Lester, who in addition to being a crooked attorney and a fashion nazi thinks his position as city councilmen gives him the right to trespass on and cause thousands of dollars of damage to other people’s property, wants to fine people who don’t care for their own property.

Irony aside, the idea isn’t all that bad:

Councilman Calvin Lester is working with the city attorney’s office and property standards department to create amended ordinances, known as a renter’s code, to ensure tenants have working plumbing and other utilities deemed basic.

“By implementing a renter’s code, we can make it clear we are concerned about neighborhood integrity,” Lester said.

Supposedly it will be complaint-based, meaning inspectors will only enter apartments when the tenants complain. I have little or no sympathy for the type of landlord who would NOT keep those basic utilities in working order. Sure, it’s their property, but failing to care for it hurts the value of everyone’s. And while the tenant did choose to live there, maybe the problem wasn’t apparent prior to signing the lease. This at least gives the tenant a good bargaining chip when the landlord slacks. I can’t imagine it would drive costs up too much, either. It’s not like a requirement for granite counters in all kitchens or something ridiculous like that. All in all, probably not a bad idea.

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