This Must Be What It Feels Like To Be A Mom

I’ve done quite a bit of the Mr. Mom thing over the past two weeks. But I’m not talking about dropping the kids off at school, or picking them up, or fixing their snacks, or even taking them to the park in the middle of a weekday. What I’m talking about happened yesterday afternoon.

We’d been at the duck park and were now on the way home, the kids in the trailer and me pulling them on my bike. We’d had a good time, playing, feeding the ducks and playing some more. As we rolled through the neighborhood towards the house, Omi – as she occasionally does – tossed something out of the trailer. It was her pink sunglasses. No big deal, I heard them fall and her holler about it. I slowed down, turned around and rode back to the glasses. Only I could not go pick them up because a white suburban was headed our way.

They were good sunglasses.

They were good sunglasses.

I’m sure you know what’s about to happen. We waited on one side of the road while the car came down the other. The driver saw us and moved even farther to her side, giving us more room. That was nice. Unfortunately it also put the car in line with the glasses. Sure enough, Omi watched as the truck smashed her pink sunglasses. You can imagine her reaction.

Here’s where the Mom thing comes in. If anything, this was Omi’s fault. She tossed the glasses. She knows better than that. We’ve told her many, many times that throwing things out of the trailer is bad and that she could lose the stuff. The driver was just trying to be courteous, giving us extra room by pulling way over when she went by us. But what was my reaction? As I listened to my baby girl cry, I flipped the bird at the suburban. Totally irrational? Yes. But my baby was crying and even though it was not the truck’s fault, the truck did cause those tears and I was filled with an irrational hatred of that truck.

The whole way home I explained the situation to myself in an attempt to calm down. Then we reached the house and what do I see in my neighbor’s driveway? Yeah. The same suburban. My blood boiled again and I almost went over there to cuss the driver. Good sense prevailed, however. Still, even when I was going to sleep last night I thought about the situation again and got a little p.o.’d. I guess the moral is that when your kids are involved, it’s really tough to think straight whether you’re the mom or the dad.

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