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The Patio Is Done

June 11, 2009

So are the chairs. The patio was actually “done” two months ago, but I was really unhappy with the job I did laying the flagstones. Unhappy enough that two weeks ago I pulled them all up and relaid them. I’m much happier this time. Still not professional quality, but close enough for me.

Anyhoo . . .

The before shot:


A “during” shot (more here, and here):

And today:


Here’s a closer shot of the patio and my newly refinished chairs (the “before” shots of which are here):


Like I said, definitely not professional quality, but it’ll work for us.

I’m just glad to have it done. Our previous house didn’t have anywhere to sit in the back yard. This one, as you can see from the “before” shot, didn’t have anything, either. But I’ve always wanted to have somewhere nice to relax and I’ve had a picture of it in my head ever since we bought the house. So to have finally made the picture into reality makes me very happy.