I Don’t Know, That Kind Of Sounds Fun To Me

Several of us did a five hour ride yesterday. It was the first truly hot ride of the year. The sun from above and the heat radiating from the road will really cook you. At the start of this morning’s ride, all of us exchanged stories about what we did to recover from the heat after making it home. The best was the guy who said he started undressing for a shower, stumbled into his kitchen, saw a jar of pickles and then ate several of them and drank all the juice while sitting half naked on the floor. The same guy said he drank over two hundred ounces of fluid during the ride yet never peed.

Anyway, then I see this on Lance Armstrong’s Twitter page:

Back from 5+ hrs with the boys. Hail storm and freezing temps on top of Independence pass. Not fun!! I’m still frigid.

“Frigid.” I won’t get to use anything even close to that word for another six months.

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2 Comments on “I Don’t Know, That Kind Of Sounds Fun To Me”

  1. Mom Says:

    You might if you ride here!

  2. Greenshirt Says:

    What’s the “sun?”

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