No Legal Protection For Cyclists

Like I’ve already said, I seriously doubt any cop in Louisiana will enforce our state’s new law requiring motorists to give cyclists three feet of clearance when passing. Strengthening my scepticism, here’s an article about two situations in Tennessee – which has the same law – in which motorists actually struck cyclists yet weren’t cited for the violation. The article also states of the county in which the accidents occurred:

This failure to enforce the law was nothing new—public records indicated that not one citation for violation of the three-foot passing law had been issued by law enforcement in Hamilton County in the two years since the law had been passed.

Not a surprise. The bottom line is that if you ride a bike no one but you has any concern for your safety.

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One Comment on “No Legal Protection For Cyclists”

  1. Joe Mizereck Says:

    May I suggest that you consider looking at this differently. The true value of the law isn’t in its enforcement value, never has been, but rather, in its educational value. This is a process that will take time, effort and resources. Louisiana has taken a very important step in getting the law of the books. The next step is just as hard…building awareness. This is where all the states with the law have really dropped the ball. Somehow they expect because there’s a law everyone is going to abide by it. There is work to do, work that must be done, like educating law enforcement about the law and training them on how to enforce it.

    You have a law. Only 14 states have this law. Be smart…get a statewide public awareness campaign going and start saving some lives. Or, sit back and wait for law enforcement to enforce a law that neither they nor motorists know about.

    Joe Mizereck

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