So I Guess I Have To Say Something About Palin

Anyone who read this blog last fall  knows I have no respect for her. Still, even if I did, there’s really only two possible conclusions any fair minded person can draw from her oddball resignation speech. No one knows what her real plans are, or what her real motives might be, and that speech sure isn’t going to tell anyone. But no matter what that speech tries to say, the fact is she quit on her commitment to the people of her state. The issue is why, and based on that speech (i.e., without speculating about hidden scandals), I can only see two possibilities. She either cracked under the typical pressures and criticisms of public office, and wants to withdraw from public life or else she quit in the middle of her commitment to the people of her state in order to seek some greater influence. In other words, she’s either extremely weak or extremely power hungry. Neither would be a great trait for a president.

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3 Comments on “So I Guess I Have To Say Something About Palin”

  1. mom Says:

    Do you think it might be possible that she simply wants to go back to being a mom?

  2. KC Says:

    why anyone would run for public office beats me….the press at least left Chelsea alone (and the Bush twins when they weren’t at a kegger)but anyone who cares about their family would not be inclined to run, I think

  3. Becca Says:

    Queen of the easily-led.

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