In Which I Am A Racist And An Elitist

Two fantastic gun-related stories.

First: “Man accidentally shoots himself while showing off shotgun.” The salient facts: 1) Not just a shotgun, but a sawed off shotgun; 2) he’d been carrying it in a bag; 3) he and his buddies were hanging out in front of an abandoned gas station; 4) he arrived on his bicycle. Like one of the commentors said on the Times site, this guy lived, so he can’t win a Darwin award, but he sure gets an honorable mention.

Now for the racist part: That all sounded crazy until I realized it occurred in the MLK neighborhood.


James Wess Tilley, 36, of the 1500 block of Camp Zion Road, was booked on one count each of illegal use of weapons, disturbing the peace and resisting an officer.Tilley fired a handgun and a shotgun within 100 yard of his neighbors’ house then tore off through the woods on an ATV, according to the sheriff’s office. Once he was cuffed, he tried to run away while deputies placed him in a patrol car.

Deputies say Tilley admitted to “drinking a case” and “shooting off a few rounds.”

What kind of world are we living in when a man can’t get drunk, ride his four wheeler and shoot guns in the air around his neighbor’s house? Damn pinko commie gay liberals in Washington are ruining this country. F’ing Obama.

Anyway, now the elitist part. Again, the story sounds amazing until the location is revealed: That’s just another evening in redneckistan Haugton.

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