I Guess We Can Only Improve From Here

The first day of school I give my students a survey. Mostly I’m trying to get a basic idea of who they are and what they think of school. One of the questions is: “Is there any person from history you really admire? If so, why?” Today, on one of the papers, I received the following answer to that question:

George Washington. Because he discovered America.

Even now, I’m shaking my head in disbelief. I don’t expect my students to have much prior knowledge of U.S. History (or anything else) but . . . really? After seven years of school?

The student put his name on the paper, and while I remember the answer, I can’t remember the name. I’m not sure if I should even check the paper to remind myself who the author was. On the one hand, if I do, that answer will be in my mind every time I look at that kid. On the other hand, if he ends up doing well, it would be nice to know how much he improved. I guess I’ll file the papers and wait until the end of the year. Then either the paper will have been prophetic or the results of the class miraculous.

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One Comment on “I Guess We Can Only Improve From Here”

  1. KC Says:


    It is awfully hard to fix what evidently has been ignored at home in only 6 hours a day.

    But thanks for trying!

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