My Whole Life Is A Staycation

I heard a story on NPR earlier this week about staycations. No different than every other story on the subject: “Economy bad  . . . no Disney World . . . discover fun at home  . . . crackberry off . . . refreshed and renewed   . . . yadda, yadda, yadda.” Still the piece interested me because it made me wonder, in the words of Richard Scarry, what do people do all day?

I really do not like going on “vacation.” I like my job, I like my house, I like my neighborhood, I like my daily and weekend routines. When I have time off work, which I frequently do, I have absolutely no need to make special plans in order to enjoy it. All I do is more of what I do every day anyway. Longer bike rides, more time at the park with the kids, more time reading, more drinking at dinner. The only big addition is a nap.

Because I enjoy my daily life, not only do I not like traditional go-someplace-else vacations, but I really don’t get this whole staycation thing. How messed up must your life be if you need to take all these different measure and change all your routines just to enjoy a few days off work? Are people’s lives really that filled with annoying crap? And if so, why would you let yourself get so busy and crazy that you have to take special precautions just to enjoy a weekend? That’s nuts.

I don’t know. I decided a long time ago that my only goal in life is to enjoy it. Like one of my riding  buddies says, no one’s tombstone ever read “I played too much.” That doesn’t mean I follow every impulse. I’m a man who has his shit together. But I never take my job or anything else so seriously that I find myself wanting to “get away.” People who do probably are more successful than me. If I’d kept practicing law, I’d never have been a judge or even a partner in a decent size firm. I didn’t want to work that much. For the same reason, now that I’m a teacher, I’ll never win teacher of the year. I’m not going to spend my time on all the non-classroom stuff you have to do to win. Does this make me a slacker? I don’t care. My conscience is clear, I’m happy, and so is my little family.

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One Comment on “My Whole Life Is A Staycation”

  1. Hot Momma Says:

    Amen! Yes, your family is very happy 🙂

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