My New Favorite Riding CD

I never listen to my iPod while on group rides. Not so much because it’s dangerous, though it is, a little. Mostly because it’s jerky to ride with a group but spend the ride oblivious to anything they might say. Nor do I listen to it on the MTB. Trails are bumpy, and even something as small as an iPod annoys me when it bounces around in my jersery pocket. It also seems sort of wrong to be all wired up while riding through the woods. Ruins the whole communing with nature thing. That sounds flaky, but it’s true.

The only type of ride I routinely use the tunes are rides like I did tonight: Solo road ride for a short distance at a high speed.  Both those latter terms are relative, of course. For me, what that means is twenty to thirty miles at an average of 19-20. To do that, I have to hurt myself. To make myself ride even when my lungs ache and my legs burn, I need inspiration. Thus, the iPod.

Of course, it can’t be any music. It has to be loud and fast. It’s easy to make a great playlist to meet those requirements. Finding a complete album that can go all the way, though, is much harder. I don’t want to have to reach into my back pocket and skip songs. Hence, the whole thing has to rock. That’s rare. So most of the time I listen to a playlist.

There are exceptions. When I find one, I usually wear it our. Previous default albums have included Rage Against the Machine’s debut, DBT’s A Blessing and a Curse, Galactic’s From the corner to the Block and Franz Ferdinand’s first album. My most recent standard has been Fatboy Slim’s You’ve Come a Long Way Baby.

Now I think I’ve replaced that one with Flogging Molly’s Drunken Lullabies. No idea how I made it this far without ever hearing this band. If you like punk and you like Irish music, they are unreal. It’s the kind of stuff that makes you want to get drunk and rowdy. Or ride until your legs fall off.

Here’s the title track:

And my favorite:

Truly outstanding.

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4 Comments on “My New Favorite Riding CD”

  1. Herself Says:

    I’ve had a Flogging Molly tee-shirt for about two years. Himself says this means I’m on the cutting edge. Unfortunate name, tho (the band, not Himself).

    • Hot Momma Says:

      Because of this band, Wheeler has decided that any females born into our family must be named Molly…kinda catchy 🙂

  2. KC Says:


    saw Flogging Molly with my son at the Moon in Tallahassee when he was still in middle school (he just graduated from FSU)…it was a great show and he got to talk with all the band members afterward.

    Thanks for posting this!

  3. wheeler Says:

    that is awesome.

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