If He Wasn’t Selling To His Students, Who Cares?

“Teacher booked with possession of crack cocaine.”

I want to say, “ha ha, just kidding, of course he should be fired.” But, I don’t know.

He committed a crime, yes. Pretend it wasn’t a crime to get high, though. So long as he’s not helping his students get high, or otherwise letting his habit interfere with the job, why fire him? In other words, if the habit has no negative impact on the job, why take the job?

I imagine the answer has to do with being a role model. Teachers teach a lot more than the curriculum, including how to be a responsible adult. Again, though, if he can smoke crack on the weekends but still show up on time for work Monday and do a good job, isn’t that being responsible?

There’s a bunch of comments to the Times story, and I thought this is what they’d be debating. Not so. The story mentions that the guy was an English as a second language teacher. Too ignorant to realize that class is to help non-English speakers succeed in school as they learn English, all the comments are of the chest thumping, proud to be an American, if-you-don’t-want-to-learn-the-language-get-the-hell-out variety.

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3 Comments on “If He Wasn’t Selling To His Students, Who Cares?”

  1. mom Says:

    Would you want someone using crack cocaine teaching your children? Showing up on time is great but do the effects of the drug miraculously leave the teacher’s system as soon as he walks into the classroom? If his compulsion is strong enough I would be concerned that his judgment about the kid’s welfare, and education would be compromised. This is not someone I want teaching my kids or yours.

  2. KC Says:

    the head coach of Lincoln HS here in Tallahassee got suspended last week after a DUI arrest….I think it is a role model issue, but here the matter has been referred by the Leon County School District to the Department of Education’s Professional Practices

  3. Wheeler Says:

    with a dui you put someone else’s life in danger. there’s no responsible way to drive drunk. that suspension would definitely be justified.

    there’s probably no responsible way to smoke crack, either. but at least you’re just killing yourself.

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