Obama’s Indoctrination Of The Children

Wow. What an outrageous speech that was. It would be hard to imagine anything more routine, normal, centrist, even vanilla than that speech. Set goals, work hard, be a productive member of society; shocking stuff.

Even if it had been the type of policy pushing political message offered by Ronald Reagan when he addressed school children, all the fuss about the speech would still have been ridiculous. Anyone who wanted to protect the poor little darlings from the evil influence of Obama has seriously underestimated the capabilities of the average student. Students are far more independent minded than the worriers gave them credit for being. I do not know any student who would be “indoctrinated” by Obama, no matter what he had to say. There just was no threat.

Students are more than capable of resisting ideas with which they disagree. Indeed, that is normally the problem with educating them: They resist even well reasoned and accurate ideas. (In that way, I guess they are like the adults who wanted to protect them from the speech.) They are not going to accept something just because the teacher said it, or their parent said it, or even because Obama said it. The image of the innocent minded youth being molded like clay by an all powerful educator has no basis in reality. If they trust you, they’ll follow you, but you have to earn it and they make the choice.

None of this is to say that I think spending an hour of the day on the speech was a better use of time than would have been an hour of class. Just that anyone who threw a fit about the speech, or held their kid out of school over it, is seriously underestimating the intellect of the average student.

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