I Don’t Have Much To Say About These Stories

And they’re in no way connected, but they’ve all been rattling around my head.

First, this has got to be one of the oddest stories I’ve seen recently:

A motorist with a red light but no police authority attempted a traffic stop Monday night until he realized the driver he pulled over was Shreveport Mayor Cedric Glover. . . .

Glover said he was headed to the school on East 70th Street in Shreveport when a Monte Carlo with a red light flashing came up behind him as if to pull him over. Glover did so on a sidestreet of Broadmoor Terrace. Once the man realized the driver was Glover, the mayor said, he got back in his car and drove away.

The guy has since been arrested. My questions is how the possibility of someone impersonating a police officer relates to Glover’s belief that cops have the power to “suspend your rights.” Is it permissible to question the authenticity of a police officer? Or would that be justification for a serious ass kicking an arrestable offense?

Second, unlike some, I see no threat to “polite society” from the recent actions of Joe Wilson, Serena Williams and Kanye West.  Mostly that’s because there never has been anything polite about society. Even if there was, who cares if one politician heckled another one? So Wilson was rude. Who cares. It’s the fact that he’s a moron that ought to matter. As for insulting a referee? BFD. Williams insulted the ref, she was penalized, that ought to have been the end. Baseball managers don’t have to hold press conferences and apologize after they get ejected. Neither do basketball coaches. Insulting refs is part of sports. West, though, I agree ought to be condemned in the harshest terms. Not so much for complaining, but because the person he attacked had nothing to do with his problem. She was an innocent bystander. Still, I’m not wringing my hands about some kind of lack of civility in the world.

Third, why are these Tea Party people so absolutely insane? If they could rationally lay out their claims about health care and taxes, I’d probably agree with them. So why confuse the issue with crazy talk about birth certificates and socialism?  I’m not saying the image is more important than the message, but the image makes it tough to see the message.

How, for instance, could anyone take seriously anything said by the wearer of this shirt?

(Anyone want to bet that kid’s parents parents held him out of school last week for fear Obama would indoctrinate him?)

And where would anyone get the idea that these folks have racial issues?

Really, if any of these people told you one-plus-one equals two, would you believe them?

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2 Comments on “I Don’t Have Much To Say About These Stories”

  1. mom Says:

    If you keep your mouth shut people will only wonder if you are ignorant….these people made their ignorance a clear announcement to the world. How sad.

  2. draftsonyou Says:

    I have to say, I think the U.S. Open is becoming an organization of puds. First off, there’s the whole p.c. don’t yell or smash your racquet thing, which let’s face it, brings fans to tennis. Then there’s the whole authoritarian umpire mentality with the head ump telling Federer (arguably the best player ever) to “be quiet” when he questioned a line call. Then there’s Dick Enberg refusing to let the Argentinian champion speak a few words in Spanish. I am just sad! I expect more from the French.

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