Why Is Jimmy Carter Not Locked Up In A Senior Center Somewhere?

What a mush minded old fool. Good for Obama for disagreeing with Carter’s cries of racism. Geez, Jimmy, go away already.

Related to that story, here’s what I was trying to say about the whole Wilson/Serena/Kanye thing:

This may be the product of blinkered, post-1945 reasoning, but it seems to me that West’s sideshow and Wilson’s outburst together signify… nothing. There is nothing telling, interesting, or indicative about two men acting out at a couple of awkwardly staged performances. The way millions of people react to them, on the other hand, matters very much. And if you’re like David Brooks, you’ll see the attacks on West and Wilson as a collective outcry against the vulgar monstrosity that is our culture. If you’re like me, you’ll see this reaction as a collective insistence on deference to authority, a pathetic inability to tolerate the meekest of incivilities. Either way, whatever it might mean when 270 representatives spend valuable time excoriating a single man for a two-word declarative statement, it probably doesn’t have much to do with the triumph of individualism over conformity.

In that paragraph, replace “West” with “Williams” and I agree completely. Like I said earlier, Kanye’s situation differs. He deserves everything he gets.

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