I’m George Washington

Which founding father do you most resemble? (Via My Bossier)

It’s personality. If it was ideology, I’d be Jefferson or Madison.

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8 Comments on “I’m George Washington”

  1. Himself Says:

    James Madison, which raises serious questions about the scoring methodology.

  2. Hot Momma Says:

    Also Madison…not so sure about that 🙂 The three words to describe him are “diligent, scholarly, and shy”. Hmmmm, jut because I like books and love to read doesn’t necessarily make me those three things.

  3. mom Says:

    Also Madison….hmmmm??

  4. Texas Redhead Loser Says:

    I am the 4th Madison here. I suspect something is amiss. I’m not so sure I would describe myself as “scholarly, diligent, and shy.”

  5. Herself Says:

    George Washington. But I wanted to be John Adams.

  6. Wheeler Says:

    if he was anything like his character in 1776, that’s who i figured i’d be.

    • Hot Momma Says:

      Me too, Wheeler 🙂 “Johnny here is obnoxious and disliked – that’s true”…. Not that I think you’re obnoxious and disliked, but you can be quite obstinate.

  7. Steph Says:

    Charles Pinckney…self-confident, vain, and courtly. OK! =)

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