“I ain’t seen the sunshine since I don’t know when”

Not because I’ve been in Folsom prison, but because we’ve had rain every freakin day for the last week and a half. The effect is the same, as time certainly does drag on when you’re stuck in the house for that many days in a row.

Last night I finally had enough and e-mailed my riding buddies to say I was going to ride this morning even if the radar was yellow and red. Thankfully it wasn’t, though when I left this morning it was raining and it was very dark and overcast. I was alone too. (Pansies, they were probably drinkin’ coffee.) I did meet up with another group, though. We went down to Keatchie and back. The weather stayed nasty for the first half of the ride. The roads never really dried. Oh well, it still felt like a beautiful day just because I was actually outside and on my bike. I ended up with 75 miles and a very muddy bike. Plus I’ll be able to endure another few days of rain.

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