So That’s What A Cop Has To Do To Be Disciplined

Be white and have corn rows.

Unfortunately, because, according to the story, several black officers are openly allowed to wear corn rows, the debate about that story will center on race rather than the lunacy of cops being disciplined for hairstyles while facing no penalty for things like tampering with witnesses.

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2 Comments on “So That’s What A Cop Has To Do To Be Disciplined”

  1. KC Says:

    “An Internal Affairs investigation found no misconduct among officers who spoke with the clerk about the tape. But it concluded that Lopez had verbally abused Lawless, had jammed his gun into her face and had violated departmental procedures that night.

    A hearing to determine what discipline, if any, will be imposed on Lopez is still pending.”

    If I as a citizen verbally abused the cop, and jammed my gun in his face, would they still be debating “what , if any,” charges would be imposed?

    I think not (and my brother is a cop)

  2. wheeler Says:

    you know, i do a lot of post about cops behaving badly. i always feel like i should point out:

    1) i’ve never been in trouble with the law;
    2) my grandfather was a cop;
    3) one of the people i admire most in the world, a guy like a second father to me, is a cop.

    the last one is also a very honest and professional cop and has paid the corresponding professional prices for it.

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