AT&T Sucks

So we go to send an e-mail but find the internet is out. Annoying, but not a surprise, AT&T’s internet service is ridiculously unreliable. When we try to call, though, we find annoyance number two:  The phone is out, too. Time to pick up the cell and call customer service.

Now for annoyance number three. The animated answering service tells us “Your area is experiencing a high volume of calls right now due to . . . [new voice enters after time to think of an excuse] severe weather [new voice ends] please stay on the line and a service representative will be with you.” It’s sunny and eighty degrees. Hasn’t stormed in over a week.

Finally someone picks up. Now the annoyances turn into white hot rage. She runs some over the phone check and discovers the problem is with the line. Now, guess who was out at the pole not ten minutes before we noticed our service was out? Yep. An AT&T tech. So what do you think happened? Did a squirrel happen to chew through the line at the same time the tech was outside? Or did the tech screw up our line while servicing someone else’s? Of course it was their fault. But hey, the guy only left ten minutes ago, so surely he can come right back and fix his mistake, right? Right? RIGHT? Oh no, says the sales rep, we have no way of contacting the techs, and hmmm, let me look this up, it will be uhh, NEXT M.F.’N SATURDAY before anyone else can come fix it!

In sum, AT&T f**ked up my phone and internet and will now wait a week before fixing it.

Thankfully, this is the age of the internet. We’ve already found a new internet service provider and as soon as that’s done, we’re going Vonage.

For now though, I’m posting from the library. I doubt I’ll post again until we have the new service at home. That’ll be before next Saturday, but it’ll still probably be a few days. In the meanwhile, anyone with a blog who reads this, do me a favor and send some link love. Unlike Lance Armstrong, whose complaint about AT&T to his two million followers on Twitter got him service in no time, I don’t have much of an audience. Still, I’d love to spread the shame as far as possible.

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4 Comments on “AT&T Sucks”

  1. Travis Says:

    My mom and stepdad had similar nightmarish experiences over the last few months w/ at&t. They recently switched to a new internet and phone provider as well.

  2. Texas Redhead Loser Says:

    The last time I had AT&T was a land-line phone in my first apartment. They screwed up so badly that one of their billing mistakes followed me around for FIVE YEARS after I cancelled my service. I will not forget that and I will never have anything to do with that company again. Ever.
    Sorry I don’t have a blog to help you – just wanted you guys to know I feel your pain.

  3. […] our phone’s been out for over a week.  it was out for four days before we called it in, and THE NEW AT&T gave us a trouble ticket and told us the guy would be out in a week.  so we didn’t take or […]

  4. rosaliums in Florida Says:

    AT&T is a nightmare. Typical of a giant who does not know what the left or right hand is doing; and obviously it is not the same nor in harmony with one another. One department doesn’t work with another and I can’t say how many times I’ve been transferred between these departments. I wish I had tracked ALLmy time on the phone trying to correct one debackle after another and it simple began with needing to re-assign a phone # for my “upgraded” DSL. Yes, I too have been promised credits for each inconvenience. We’ll see.
    I signed up for U-verse; to be installed soon. This should be interesting! Maybe I should have this done on Halloween because I foresee the end result being goulish and a continued “nightmare”. Am I crazy for doing this? Has anyone been pleased or unhappy with thier U-verse? Shuld I stay with my current cable company? Drowning in AT&T jibberish promises…but their “goal is to provide excellent service to me today”…”have they?” NOT ONCE

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