Just A Good Ole Boy

This guy is still at work:

Jim Thompson, principal at Stockwell Place Elementary in Bossier City, was booked into a Bossier Parish jail Sept. 18 with bond set at $2,300. Besides DWI and speeding, the Benton Police Department also charged Thompson with having an open container of alcohol and littering.

Benton Police Chief Charles Pilkinton said Thompson threw a Bud Light beer bottle out of a moving vehicle and hit the chief’s personal pickup parked outside his Pine Street home. Pilkinton hopped in his pickup and followed Thompson, in a late-model Toyota Avalon, and radioed for help. A Bossier sheriff’s deputy and Benton police officer in a marked car pulled Thompson, who was alone in the car, over on Linton Cutoff, near Cypress Bayou Reservoir.

Drunk driving and throwing s**t out of a vehicle in a residential neighborhood! Nice! This isn’t just getting drunk at the house; this is endangering people’s lives and property. Not really the example educators ought to set. Thompson will now have zero credibility with teachers and students.

As for why this guy is still working, my first thought was, well, he hasn’t been convicted yet. But if this was in Caddo, he’d be on paid administrative leave until the case was settled. Then I saw this quote:

Superintendent D.C. Machen Jr. said there isn’t anything under Bossier Parish School District policy that would punish employees for misdemeanor charges.

That means even if Thompson is convicted, he will still be principal at Stockwell. There’s a reason people like working in Bossier’s education system. This, however, is taking loyalty to employees way too far.

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One Comment on “Just A Good Ole Boy”

  1. Jim Says:

    A few years ago Thompson was sued, along with (then) Superintendent Kruithof, for allowing religious displays in a classroom. A fundamentalist teacher thought it necessary to share his faith. Thompson defended him. Not sure of the outcome of that.
    As far as his credibility, as long as D. C. Machen has his back, he will have no problem. They really don’t care what the parents think.

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