Giants v. Saints, I’m Already Excited.

It’s next Sunday and, because the Giants won today, both will be undefeated. It’s my favorite team, from my home state, against my second favorite team, representing my adopted home state. Number one offense against number one defense. But both are excellent on both sides of the ball. Two good coaches. Two stud quarter backs who get the ball to all kinds of playmakers. Both undefeated. I’ll pull for the Giants. I’ll be happy no matter who wins, though.

Right now, I’m going to say Saints by a field goal. The Saints are at home, but they also have more impressive wins this year, giving the Eagles and Jets their only losses. The only team with a winning record the Giants have beaten all year is the Cowboys, but: 1) they aren’t all that good, and; 2) that was close. The Giants last three opponents (Bucs, Chiefs, Raiders) aren’t much better than some high school teams and have a combined record of 1 and 14. The Giants have thrashed all three, as they should have, but still, given the big difference in quality of opponents, I’m going with the Saints.

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2 Comments on “Giants v. Saints, I’m Already Excited.”

  1. Jim Says:

    I’ll be pulling for the Saints of course, and you’re right, it should be a great game, especially if both quarterbacks are in their best form.

  2. Jackie Says:

    According to Stevie, if the Saints offensive line holds the Giants defensive line to one or two sacks, the Saints have that game won. It will be a battle at the line every single time.
    Go Saints.

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