Update On Major Changes

Within a week, we had three major changes in our house: The cats moved outside, we dumped AT&T, and I was transferred from junior high to high school. I thought I’d let you know how the changes are working.

First, AT&T. When our service died, I though an AT&T tech working on my neighbor’s line had caused the problem. Sure enough, when someone finally came to fix the problem – an entire week after it happened – he confirmed my theory. So it took AT&T an entire week to fix a problem they created. In that week, no one ever called to discuss the issue, despite several promises that “someone” would get back to us. And when the tech finally arrived he did so without notice at 8:00 on a Saturday morning. AT&T has joined Comcast as a company I will bad mouth at every opportunity for the rest of my life.

Accordingly, we’ve replaced AT&T with Earthlink and Vonage. The price is the same. The internet is faster and more reliable. I have yet to notice a difference in the phone service. We even got to keep our old number. In short, all is well.

Second, the cats. As when they first left, Scratchy seems more at home outdoors than does Merton. Neither one, though, has yet to leave the back yard. After a few days of regrets, I think I like it better with them outside. Not having to clean the cat box every day is very nice. With no-one to eat them and then throw them back up on the carpets, plants are a possibility. Similarly, a lack of claws means I could get the leather couch I’ve always wanted. It’s also great not having to worry about locking the cat in his carrier every time someone enters the house.

The only thing that worries me is “winter.” I know it doesn’t get very cold here, but still, when we have lows near freezing I’ll worry about those cats. So I may cut a small cat door in the laundry room door. That way I can unlock it when the weather is especially cold. They won’t be able to enter the rest of the house, but at least they can be a little warmer than outside.

Third, my transfer. There’s plenty to tell about this one. Enough that I’ll probably make it a series of posts. Look for that soon.

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